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                                                                                                              Academy Guidelines


Parents contacting the Academy:

General and Account Enquires / notice of withdrawal

Class Enquiries

Text message to Miss Kristy – 0411 099 018

All class enquiries are to be directed to the principal Miss Kristy or via our admin email shown above. 


We endeavour to keep you informed with a regular newsletter. These are emailed to your billing email address. Hard copies are sent home on occasions. Upon joining the academy please look up the following social media sites and join them to stay informed on all things surrounding the academy. - KRAD - Academy Members (school members only page, Facebook)


All fees are payable via direct debit. Weekly or fortnightly instalments can be arranged to suit your pay schedule.

It is important to notify the office of any change in details to your enrolment e.g. email, address, phone numbers. This is to keep all information up to date for invoicing and emergency contact details.

Welfare, Health and Safety:

Students may not leave the studio for any reason. The studio cannot take responsibility for students who leave the premises. If a parent requires their child to leave the premises for any reason or with any other person, notice must be advised to admin or their teacher.

Students must wait inside the studio to be picked up, parents must come inside to collect their children to ensure their safety. Students are not supervised outside of class, this includes the foyer and waiting areas. If a student arrives late, they are to be accompanied inside by a parent and asked to ring the bell located in the foyer and a staff member will attend to you. Parents are asked to collect their children on time.

All students must arrive and depart the studio with their uniform decently covered, there are Kristy Rose T/shirts and track suites available. These can be ordered through admin. We recommend all students come to class with a bottle of water. Students are expected to keep the studio tidy by placing all rubbish in bins.

Medical Emergencies:

It is studio policy that in a medical emergency an ambulance will be called, any costs incurred will be the responsibility of the parents or guardians of students.


Injury and Illness:

In any case where injury requires time away from dancing for recovery a doctor’s certificate to indicate full return to health is required before the student may recommence lessons. The same may apply to illness e.g. chicken pox, measles.

Any continuing muscle or joint discomfort should be referred to a doctor. Should a doctor during such a consultation, or at any time of injury, consider referring the student to a physiotherapist or orthopaedic specialist, it would be wise to seek one with an interest and specialised knowledge in sports medicine.

Mode of behaviour:

Disrespect of teaching staff and fellow students will not be tolerated. If a student is found to be teasing or bullying another student, there will be consequences.

  1. Teacher will asses the situation and deal with accordingly at class.

  2. If it is found that the incident was malicious or deliberate, parents will be called to have a meeting.

  3. If any student is found to be targeting another student or there are any repeated incidents, suspension from classes for a period without refund will apply.

Members of the academy, students and parents are expected to treat staff with respect, class placements are at the discretion of the principal. 

Punctuality is paramount, late students miss work they have paid for and are an interruption to class learning.

No mobile phones permitted in class, if students have mobile phones or ipad’s to record choreography for learning purposes these are to be kept on silent whilst inside the studio. Teachers are to be addressed by the respectful title e.g. Miss Kristy. Chewing gum is banned entirely from the premises, lollies are banned in class. If students are in on any given day for an extended period and wish to use the studio kitchen facilities, they are expected to clean up after themselves and leave the area as found or they will not be permitted to use such facilities.

The exterior pavement and parking areas are not for students to practice, play or run around, if waiting between classes, there is room in the waiting area.


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